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Deliverance and spiritual war is an essential part of the believer's life. Jesus challenged and cast out demons during his ministry. He delivered the oppressed and launched out spiritual war against the enemies of God.

Foundational deliverance is required for every believer who desires victory in all spheres of their walk with the Lord here on earth. 


Against its will, all creation was subjected to God’s curse. But with eager hope, the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay. - Romans 8:20-21


Every believer must therefore integrate deliverance from foundational curse into their daily life, as the journey of salvation is one fo eternal deliverance. Below are deliverance and spiritual war manuals that have helped others to learn more about warring spiritually and winning from the realms of the spirit. Many testimonies of ground-breaking deliverances has been recorded in the lives of many who have prayerfully studied these Holy-Spirit birthed manuals.

Your foundation sets the cause for your life. And for that reason the scripture says, if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?
A faulty foundation cannot support a steady future. Foundationoal deliverance, also called back to-the-womb deliverance is a type of deliverance sought by believers when their fouondation is standing against their victory in any area in life. 
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Our walk in Christ is a military life one. There are fiery darts flying around around to attack the believer who is not watchful. Spriitual attacks arise against everyone and is manifested as marital failures, financial woes, untimely death, infirmities and major ways. The believer has been fully equipped by the blood of Jesus, word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to fight against attacks from witchcrafts, and all other departments in the kingdmo of darkness.
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Intercession for the nations


EGM is called to intercede for the nations of the world as the Lord grants us revelations and insights into heaven's mandate for nations and national leaders. We are sent to inform believers through the sharing of prophetic insights, so intercessors can learn what to pray for. Regardless of political affiliations and interests, all leaders are chosen by the Lord and the ministry welcomes intercessors from all arount the world to join us as we stand before YHWH in intercession.


Resources below share detailes of revelations and insights from 2017 as to hoow the Lord is set too move across Africa starting from the nation of Nigeria - beginning from the church of Jesus Christ.  


See resources on intercession below

The Scroll & The Seal calls the Church in Nigeria to humility and repentance and intercesstion for the power of Yahweh to be restored in the nation. For so long, the Church has become powerless for the reasons of corruption, departure from the worship of YHWH and seeking after other gods. The Church has left its place of spiritual leadership, and the nation is in slavery because of the desecration of the Church. In the past elections, the church has sold the national votes to the highest bidders and the truth of the Word of God has departed from most altars. In this book, Yahweh calls for humility and repentence. If the Church fails to repent, the Lord will bring up an administration that will be used as a rod of correction to the corrupt Church. 
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Herod: The Church & Nigeria: God is calling His remnants; intercessors, ministers, believers who have not bowed down to Baal to rise up and shapen the future of Nigeria through deeper woroship and unceasant prayers. The Lord will use the current administrationo as a rod of correction to cleanse the corrupt church. 
It is a season of God's judgement in the Church where pride, corruption and the worship of all other gods will be punished by Yahweh. Many corrupt spiritual leaders who have departed from the ways of the Lord will be brough to judgement, many will be face trials, the church will undergo major persecution, and the body of Christ will be purged.

Rapid Fire